Family Update – 9 Mar 07

Another crazy week completed here at the Tobin domicile.  The kids got another “gimme” day off of school yesterday due to a small amount of snow we received on Wednesday afternoon.  I haven’t figured out the school system here…..they shut school down for no good reason, and then criticize the kids for missing school when they are legitemately sick!  Speaking of which, less than a week after we received a note about Ben’s absences from school…the school sent him home last Tuesday afternoon because he had a fever!  Karen took him to the doctor, who in turn instructed us to keep him home for 2 more days.  We asked the doctor to document it very well for the school.  Ben continues to be a straight A, honor roll, gifted program student.  We all got the most recent bout of illness with the exception of Delaney. 

Karen has been working at the school a lot lately substituting for K-5 and also doing some work with the head start program.  It works out quite well as she gets to work the same hours that the kids are in school and is not obligtaed to go in if she has other plans for the day, or needs to stay home with one of our kids.  Nonetheless, she rarely turns down a day…and as such, is called nearly every day to sub for one of the teachers.  Most classes are fun for her, although some can be a bit trying.  She is having fun with it so far.

The end of the month is shaping up to be a busy one.  I will be out of town the week of 25 Mar on business.  Karen’s sister and her daughter are coming to visit us on 27-28 Mar.  Then, Karen’s parents are coming to visit on/about 29 Mar for a few days on their way home from Florida.  Then, my parents will be dropping back in around the 3rd of April for a week. 

Looking forward to a summer vacation, although we haven’t decided where we will go yet.  I would love to take the family to the Rocky Mountains and spend some time in the big outdoors.  I am not sure if the rest of the family will want to do that or head to the beach.  Ben would like to go back to Crestview and visit his friends, so maybe we will go to Destin for a beach vacation.  I guess I had better start planning!  In August, I need to run up to the Chicago area for my cousin’s wedding. 


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