Neurology Appointment

Yesterday I had an appointment with a Neurologist that had been scheduled about a month ago to inquire about an increase in headaches I have been having recently.  This is the first time I have seen a specialist for my headaches, but I thought it was warranted as I have had more frequent migraines of late and some headaches (sub-migraine) that have lasted for extended periods of time. 

Karen has been treated for migraines for several years, but I have avoided the hardcore meds and tried to suffer through them.  To be fair, Karen has been affected much worse by migraines in terms of frequency and severity….to the point that she almost always gets sick to her stomach when she gets them.  I, on the other hand, usually just feel like crap for 8-12 hours, but don’t usually get sick to my stomach.  Karen has had a hard time getting a medicine that works, but recently the doctor’s have put her on blood pressure medicine to treat her migraines and she has done much better at avoiding them. 

After a lengthy workup yesterday, the doctor proclaimed that I suffer from classic, light-sensitive migraine headaches.  I think I told her that was my problem when I walked in, but it took her quite some time testing my reflexes, poking me with pins, having me stand on one-leg with my eyes closed, and much more tom-foolery, before she arrived at the same expert opinion.  The interesting thing that happens with me is that I usually get about 10-15 minutes of visual aura before I get the migraine (vision impairment to include spots/flashes/peripheral vision only, etc).  It is usually my warning sign that something bad is about to happen.  Of course, if this happens when I am driving…the “something bad” could happen sooner!  Fortunately, that has rarely happened. 

When all was said and done, I walked out with a bunch of tiny pills (Zomig) that I am supposed to take when I feel a migraine coming on.  The doctor assured me that the fatal coronary side effects were terribly infrequent which made me feel wonderfully reassured.  As much as I hate taking medicine, I will have to be hurting to take these. 

In other news, I may be getting another job in the coming months, but it is still up in the air.  there is a rumor that they are considering making me the deputy division chief (deputy to my current boss’s boss).  It is being considered as he currently has 2 deputies, but one has been made the program manager of a very high profile, aggressive new program (and he can’t do both jobs), and the other is looking at reassignment overseas.  Furthermore, my current deputy was just promoted to the same rank as me, and he needs to do something different with more responsibility.  So, they may move me up, and move him up to backfill my job.  I am not sure what I think about this, as it will be a lot different than being a Program Manager.  It would be a broader perspective, but not as much direct program responsibility.  I would have to become conversant on about 10 different programs, and would likely have to deal with a lot of organizational issues.  It would also likely curtail my travel, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  We will see how it plays out….but it would probably not materialize for a few months. 

2 Responses to Neurology Appointment
  1. Mr Papa
    November 15, 2007 | 10:04 pm

    Wow, sorry about the headaches… odd how they affect you and Karen…

    Congrats on the promotion – if it happens! Less travel is always good!

  2. Ken Tobin
    November 17, 2007 | 2:11 pm

    Paul, I had the same type of migraines into my late thirties, and
    tapering off in my early forties. I believe I had the last one at 44-45. Hope it works out that way for you.

    Love, Dad

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